My research focuses on abstract narrative, nonlinear, hand drawn experimental animation. I investigate the physicality and tangibility of materials and their transition into manifestation of motion. My work embraces indeterminacy and the unpredictability of materials like ink and watercolour. Following in the history of abstract film and visual music my installations suggest an endless universe in which the passage of the audience is but a brief encounter. Using rhythm, colour, texture, translucency, form, motion and sound I draw attention to the spectatorial experience as an act of reading rather than an immediacy.

Creating both the image and the sound I emphasize the presence and physical intervention of the artist. My exploration of sound, including field and studio recording is a direct presentation of the experience of human sensation or physical encounter with the natural world. In addition, using synthesizers allows me to create musical compositions and to develop moods and contrasts. I see music as a manifestation of the transformation of emotions and seek to question the audiovisual relationship by performing visual improvisations live with musicians. The performances are spontaneous and expressive giving me the opportunity to create collaborative, unique, ephemeral works.

My films communicate human emotion in a visceral, unmediated way in a desire for a primal form of communication. Approaching film as sensation I investigate physiological bodily responses which are deeper than reason.


Sunny Stanila is an artist and experimental animation filmmaker based in Montreal. She was born in Bulgaria and completed a MFA Studio Art in Film Production at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada and a BA in Studio Art at the University of Missouri in Kansas City, USA with a focus on graphic arts and motion design. Stanila’s work has been exhibited and screened internationally including Ottawa International Animation Festival, Festival International du Film sur l’Art and Punto Y Raya. She has performed visual improvisations accompanied by musicians in Montreal and Toronto. In her professional career projects that she has collaborated on were awarded a Silver Lion at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.