Sunny Stanila

Approaching film as sensation the author investigates physiological bodily responses that are deeper than reason in this abstract visual poem. The visuals focus on the viscosity of ink staining paper, flowing and troubling the clarity of water. The film compares paper to the surface of skin and studies the textural experience of touch.

Desire on the Surface of the Skin

on my mind 2.jpeg

On my mind

On My Mind is an abstract animated film that guides the audience on a journey through emotions, thoughts and feelings. It portrays an inner world where private time rushes devilishly. From happiness to fear, sadness and stress, On My Mind explores the luscious landscapes that we all live with, hidden under the surface. Using colours, sound and abstract brush strokes, the director paints time creating musical imagery that gives the audience a synesthetic experience.

Musical improvisation is the creative activity of immediate musical composition, which combines performance with communication of emotions and instrumental technique. Using the same philosophy I create visual improvisations with colour and brush strokes instead of sound accompanying live music.

Visual Improvisation



Loop animation of digital particle fields colliding and swarming in 3D space. The work explores the paradox of impossibility of touch on an atomic level and the strive for closeness, connection and intimacy that every person craves. Touch presents an invisible atomic world driven by electricity.


Short animated loop created by capturing long exposure photographs of a harmonograph drawing with LED lights.


Hand drawn ink on paper animation dealing with the gaze, ephemerality and expectations.


Digital animation created backwards. Sound design and foley recording by the artist.

Into the Wild

Exploration of digital environments.

Creation & Peril

My first frame by frame animation. A wink to one of the first films ever made - Fred Ott's Sneeze.